impact 2012

“In almost all climes the tortoise and the frog are among the precursors and heralds of this season, and birds fly with song and glancing plumage, and plants spring and bloom, and winds blow, to correct this slight oscillation of the poles and preserve the equilibrium of nature." Henry David Thoreau

Having grown up in one environment and migrated to live in several others before ending up in rural Australia, I tend to make art which is inspired by encounters with the natural world. In my art I examine aspects of nature and their relationship to our everyday lives; to express the lure of the landscape, its strength and paradoxes.

As such the focus of my art is not necessarily on the majestic – rather, I choose to engage with forces that act upon the fragments, and to examine the nature of their changeability. As a result my artworks act as metaphors alluding, through their subject matter, to our everyday experiences.

My artworks are based on ideas and concepts which I prefer to explore on two dimensional surfaces. I use a technique which I have developed over many years, based on the old masters painting technique I’d learnt in Vienna. By layering paint and tempera the canvases develop a reality of sorts, with which I hope to entice the viewer to enter into a dialogue with the artwork; to perhaps reach beyond the surface and engage with the new spaces I created.